Sunday, January 15, 2012

Joy in the Mirror.

January 6th 2012

This is a translation of my soul experiencing the Holy Spirit after one of the Young Adult nights at my church (Harvest Bible Chapel Naperville) in the form of creative writing.  When your soul recognizes its own growth and refinement as done by no one else other than the Holy Spirit, sometimes it comes out like this...

Tonight I took joy, I took joy in my own reflection...
I danced, danced in the presence of the Holy Spirit, in my bathroom.
To you I would look like a fool,
to Him, I was pleasing because when I looked in the mirror,
I saw His presence,
and I had to dance.

I saw something through my own eyes into my soul,
the man that God is continuing to mold me into.
Finally Lord, evidence that I have been listening;
years it took.

I looked and remembered the different reflections my self held & will hold again I'm sure,
despair, frustrations,
exhaustion, questioning, sorrow,
confidence, arrogance, searching...
but tonight I saw not me,
but Him within.
It made me smile; big.
I tried to hold it back for fear of vanity,
but you can not suppress joy when it wants to come out.
The recognition of God's refining hand in your own life
should be humbly noted & done more often than not,
so that praise might be continuously given to the refiner
in recognition of His never ending work.

Know who you are in Christ;
know who you were;
ask for Him to reveal more of who He wants you to be.
So that you will remember Gods personal hand that holds you.

So that you can look down at the pieces that have fallen from His chisel,
fallen off of your spirit,
and know that His work is in progress.
More of you God,
less of me,
so that I might dance more in the mirror...
With joy.

- Amen.

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