Monday, April 23, 2012

Does love conquer all?

Wow!  So it's definitely been a LONG TIME since I've last posted... and God surely has been doing A LOT in my life since my last post, which is probably why it's been SO LONG.

Interesting enough, I had a friend ask this question on FB today, and my response just felt "Holy Spirit driven" as frequently used among those who follow Christ.  My answer even convicted my own heart so I felt the need to go ahead and share it with ALL OF YOU!

Question:  Does love really conquer all?

My very limited response:

Yes, if you understand who TRULY encompasses REAL LOVE... in that He stands ALONE, He; is Jesus Christ. That's my response. Love on our own strength and interpretation, NO, it/ we can not conquer all because we've seen our imperfect understandings, definitions, and ridiculously selfish attempts of love fail many times, but we've seen only ONE example, ONE TRUTH of LOVE NEVER FAIL... God's love for us (imperfect people) and that's found in HIS WORD!

I encourage you to read in the Bible; 1 John 4:7-21 (NLT is a good, straight forward version) 2nd part of verse 8 is kind of straight forward.

So yes... LOVE does conquer all because "...God is love." v.8 We are not love, nor are we able to accurately portray love so no we can not conquer ALL. ONLY HE CAN.

:-) Blessings (anonymous)! I don't have all the answers but that's the only answer that I know, and has been consistenly true in my life... I hope it'll ring into yours :-) Thanks for the good question on your status and hope you're doing well?

In His hands,
- Steve

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